Pasadena California 1980

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Ambassador Auditorium - April 3, 1980

The Original Ampex 456 Reel-to-Reel Mastertapes

These tapes are stored for over 30 over years in an archive, maybe just because of the uncommon 4-track ½ inch at 7 ½ IPS and DBX format.
Please click photos for bigger size. The   original   4-track   reel-to-reel   tapes   are   found   by   your   webmaster   and transferred   to   digital   on   his   request.   These   tapes   are   stored   for   over   30 over years in an archive, maybe because of the not common format.    Details   of   these   two   AMPEX   456   tapes   are:   4-track   ½   inch   at   7   ½   IPS   and DBX.   These   tapes   are   transfered   to   digital   at   George   Blood   L.P.   using 24bit/96khz   technology   and   a   Studer   A80MKII   reel-to-reel   recorder   with   a Prism ADA8 convertor.       George   Blood   is   a   leading   provider   of   archival   audio   and   moving   image services,   digitizing   obsolete   and   deteriorating   audio,   video,   and   film   media.     The   above   two   Ambassador   audio   demo   tracks   might   have   your   interest. The   first   track   is   your   webmasters   rendering   of   the   tapes   and   the   2nd   one by   Abbey   Road   Studios   Remastering   who   happen   to   the   job   for   FHR.   On some   occasion   FHR   was   contacted   to   check   for   a   possible   release   and after clearing the rights they released this recording on their label.    
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Pasadena Califiornia

April 3, 1980
CONTACT contact  Wim de Haan
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